The Reincarnations of Abraham Lincoln: Stage 1

The Amazing Story of the Reincarnations of Abraham Lincoln.
When i was studying in the Art Academy in Amsterdam we had an exchange program with PRATT, New York. I fell in love with one of the students, and when she returned she gave me a Five Dollar note, saying: ‘This will be your lucky note’ So when I started painting on real dollar bills, years later, and I decided to upgrade to Five Dollar notes, I remembered that ‘Lucky Note’ and even found it back in the mess of my studio. I sat on the floor looking at the note, waiting for inspiration when this story of the reincarnations of Abraham Lincoln just popped up. All I had to do was to paint the story…
Stage One: The First Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln: The first time our Noble Friend visited planet Earth, dinosaurs would dance in delight whenever He came by. Carrying one of the world’s oldest flowers: The Magnolia. It is said that He was able to maintain a full week of peace among the wild beasts of the Jurassic Era.

Also available as Canvas Art Work

15,6 x 6,6 cm
acrylic on paper