Tattoo Tattoo Book


I love Tattoos. I love the Black Line. I love the visual language of Skulls, Roses, Naked Women I had made on paper throughout the years. I put in some sculptures inspired by these drawings of Wood and Bone that I had commissioned in Bali. The book contains a lot of humor, since I want to make Death less scary, in the end Death will take away a lot of the pain and complications of life. There are Dancing Skeletons, Magic Mushroom Spirits, Gods on Monocycles and an Erotic Section with Rollerskating Phalluses and Lesbian Mermaids.

Tattoo Designs for Lost Housewives & Fallen Angels
by Kamiel Proost
A collection of Tattoo Inspired Art.
All books are Signed by the Artist

140 full color pages
21 x 21 cm