The Ship of Fools

The Ship of Fools is a Triptych; three paintings forming one, just like a mediavel altar piece. The three paintings are Birth, Life and Death.

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Birth: Out of the flower on top, in a shower of Light new Baby’s are falling onto a Heart shaped World. As Life begins all seems lovely, pink and positive. The Buddha is a big temple, a meditation cathedral, that I one day hope to realise. On the Pink Elephant you see the three races of People; Asian, African and European living in harmony.

 Life: As we grow up, the chaos of Life starts surrounding us. We end up in traffic jams, drown in desires, make fools out of our selfs or get beaten up by the police. There is two ways of looking at it: On the left island you see a Buddha observing the world in acceptance. On the right we see a skull island with a Doomsday Prophet screaming at the world that it should change, or else…

 Death: All suffering disappears when we die. That’s why the skeletons are all dancing laughing and juggling; they laugh at Life‘s complications. Under the rose we see the tunnel of White Light. The Source of our Souls that takes us up when we die… only to be reborn again, and fall upon the world as new Baby’s…

The painting was shown in the exhibition in 2001 in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, in a multi media representation together with Micha Klein and Dadara

Acrylic on Canvas
110 x 240 cm
(60 x 110 cm + 120 x 110 cm + 60 x 110 cm)